Hello, World.

Hello, world. This blog launch has been a long time in the making. However, I feel that it is (finally) time to share my life with whoever is willing to read. Let’s start out with a bit of an introduction, shall we?

I am Serena–Rena for short–and this is my “lifestyle” blog. I decided on lifestyle blogging because 1. I really wanted to be a blogger and 2. I don’t have the motivation to dress nice enough to be considered a fashion blog, so lifestyle it was. I am currently a high school senior, who is realizing that “senioritis” is an all too real and tragic phenomenon. When I am not rehearsing for a play, finishing my homework last minute, or trying to apply to college, I can probably be found reading a Harry Potter novel, trying to figure out how to work photoshop, or belting Elton John’s Bennie and the Jets at the top of my lungs. You can thank my mom and dad for that last one.

Well, that is pretty much who I am in a nutshell. Enjoy a couple super awkward photos of me. Like I said, I’m still trying to figure out this whole Photoshop thing.



Thanks for stopping by! I look foward to growing the Royal Introvert community and getting to know my readers. See ya!


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