Summary Sunday | How This Blogging Thing Is Going To Work

Hiya. I took a smallish break from posting because I really wanted to think about how I wanted to run this blog before I dove headfirst into things. My goal for this post is to thoroughly explain how this blog thing is going to work for me.

At the start of this blog, I knew I wanted a structured schedule, but I was afraid that my crazy school life would stop me from keeping with it. I also was not quite sure what direction I wanted to go with my blog. After some brainstorming, I think I have these things figured out.

I will post weekly–sometimes more than once a week, but this will probably be rare. Every week I will post the next consecutive day. For example, I am posting this on Sunday so next week I will post on Monday, the next week, Tuesday. So on and so forth. Everyday of the week will have a specific theme that will help me from getting writer’s block.


Summary Sunday: My goal for Sundays is just to blog about general updates about my life. These posts will range anywhere from lighted hearted tales to serious business. They will be a chance for me to catch up on things and just chat about how my life is coming along.

Music Monday: Like most teenagers, I loooooove music, and I devote hours upon hours to discovering new favorite bands and songs. Mondays are the days that I will share my newest favorite songs with all of you.

Trendy Tuesday: Tuesday will be the day that I will blog about my style, whether it’s a cute outfit I sported recently or my current loves in the fashion industry.

Wacky Wednesday: This theme is just an excuse to post about whatever I would like to.

Travel Thursday: I love to travel, but I don’t get to visit new places very often. Hopefully, by the time I have to write a thursday post,  I’ll have visited some place interesting. If not, I’ll just write about my future travel plans.

Favorites Friday: On Friday weeks, I will post about my favorite products, brands, stores, and maybe even memories.

Serena Saturday: I couldn’t think of anything so Saturdays will be simple. I will share one fact about me.

Besides these weekly posts, there may be some times that I want to share something with my blogging community that doesn’t quite fit under any of these categories. These posts can pretty much be about anything and can pretty much be posted a any time.

I hope this post makes sense. It makes sense in my mind, but that doesn’t mean much.

Until next week,




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