Spread the Word Day | 3.2.16

If you follow my Instagram account (@serenanycole), which is unfortunately down right now due to the fact that I gave up social media for Lent (*cries*), you probably know that I currently hold the title of Miss Teen of Texas 2016 for the Miss Teen of America Scholarship and RecognitioPageant.  This amazing pageant system that emphasizes drive, tenacity, and success in young girls throughout the nation has paired with another great organization that tries to emphasize the same qualities in their athletes, Special Olympics. This partnership has opened many doors for both Miss Teen of America titleholders and Special Olympic athletes.

Today is one of those opportunities. Today, March 2, 2016, is Special Olympics Spread the Word Day. This is an anti-bullying campaign with the goal to end the use of the r-word (retard or retarded) in a derogatory manner. The campaign aims to spread tolerance and acceptance of ALL people.

As a titleholder for Miss Teen of America, I am an ambassador for Spread the Word Day. I challenge you to join our movement and take the pledge at www.r-word.org to eliminate the r-word in your dialogue. Remember that big changes often begin with small actions. Let this be your small action/ step to making the world a kinder and more accepting home for all. 

xoxo serena

r-word part 2


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