International Women’s Day 2016

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I was honored with the opportunity to address my local city council about the goals of the Miss Teen of America Organization and my personal goals as Miss Teen of Texas 2016. What an amazing coincidence that I was able to promote an organization focused on empowering young girls on a day that is focused on empowering women across the world–International Women’s Day.


As a feminist, I greatly appreciate International Women’s Day and any other day or organization aimed to bring justice and equality to all the members of the world. I know this is a far fetched goal, but through organizations and events like International Women’s Day, we are making progress towards a greater world, and that in itself is a worthy enough reason to lend support.

A common misconception about feminism is that it promotes bigotry and misandry. If this were the case, I would not consider myself a feminist. What many fail to realize is that feminism in its most basic and pure form aims only to promote equality for men, for women, and for all. The reason for this misconception is because often, the most prominent supporters of the feminist movement blatantly screech ideas of misandry. Don’t let a few extreme individuals ruin your overall view of this group or any group for that matter.

Another misconception about feminism is what I like to call the stage of denial, in which it is argued that women are not oppressed at all, and that the world has already achieved gender equality. As much as I wish this were the truth, it simply is not. In 2014, the World Economic Forum estimated that global gender parity would not be achieved until the year 2095. That means it will most likely be 89 years before the gender wage gap dissolves entirely, 89 years before the glass ceiling completely shatters, and 89 years before women are finally going to be treated as equal to men. 89 years is a long time to wait and it might not take as long or it might take longer, but in the end, whether or not I will be around to witness to the successes and conclusion of this ongoing battle, I am still going to promote and support feminism and International Women’s Day if not for me, then for my future daughters and granddaughters and all the future women of the world. As Hamilton says (or sings) in the musical, Hamilton, “I may not live to see our glory, but I will gladly join the fight.” Sorry, I just had to throw that reference in there, for Hamilton has become my newest obsession.

I post this in support of International Women’s Day. Here are some of my favorite youtubers supporting the same cause.

Men are strong. Women are strong. Let’s be strong together.




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