Summary Sunday | Theatre, Moving, +College

It’s Summary Sunday, the day I update my readers about how my life has been. Lately, life has been quite the roller coaster ride, but an enjoyable ride for the most part. I have been so extremely busy with school and extracurriculars and college work. I feel bamboozled by all of the high school seniors before me that gave me the impression that senior year would be simple because it definitely has not been simple thus far.

Enough of my rambling complaints…here are my updates!

I think I’ve sold my soul to the theatre gods.

I’m totally joking, but theatre has definitely been dominating my life lately–from listening to nothing but the Hamilton and Waitress soundtracks to everyday rehearsals after school. Right now, we are in the middle of our competition season, which means we will be taking a play to competition in two weeks. I am both excited and nervous because it will be my last season, and I am eager to do well. 

2016-03-12 22.20.59

A selfie I snapped after our 7AM makeup rehearsal yesterday.

Honestly, though check out this hauntingly beautiful clip from a rehearsal of Waitress the musical. I may or may not cry every single time I watch this.

My family and I don’t have a house right now

Okay, okay so it’s not quite as dramatic or tragic as I make it sound. My family sold our old house before our new house could be finished being built. Therefore, we have been living in a tiny rental house for over two months now. It’s not too terrible, but living out of a suitcase is beginning to get old, and I am beyond ready to move into the new house and not have to share a room with my brother.

My trip to the University of Texas

Last weekend, I went from BPA in Corpus to a Computer Science session at the University of Texas. After meeting professor and students from the college, I think I may have been convinced on where to attend college. However, as I am the most indecisive person I know, I am still not 100% sold on a college to attend (help me). However, besides the serious stuff, I was also able to kick back and relax a little in Austin, since I met up with my some dear friends, Sab and Sara. We ate yummy food, canoed on the river, laid in the park, and just cuddled and watched Disney movies. It was a short hiatus from work and stress for all of us. Check out some pictures of our adventures below.

That’s all for today! I feel like the whirlwind of my life will never die down. Oh well! Happy Sunday!


xoxo serena


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